丝瓜集团 (Sponge Gourd Collective) is a loofah for the future, a squad of green goons, a slimy surprise. We investigate urban transformation to explore Chinese futurities. With backgrounds in visual art, photography, anthropology, community organizing, film, and literature, we develop multimedia projects that broaden popular conceptions of China, to leave more room for the blurry spaces in between.

    Our projects deconstruct unstable meanings of Chineseness and speak to Chinese youth and members of the global Chinese diaspora. Self-searching is a seed that sprouted this collective; as rapid development calls for a fluid, flexible future, our conceptions of identity too must remain open to flux.

  • PEOPLE'S SQUARE - 人民广场

    People's Square is a zine series created for all the wandering tumbleweeds and curious cats who have found themselves lost in the dusty rubble of Chinese demolition and were thirsty to know more. Comprising photography, ethnography and art, it is a snapshot of the transient moments that make up China's rapacious urban development and a dive into the dumps of land expropriation.

    Issue No.1 is about Changdian Village/长店村, an urban village on the edges of Beijing where residents are resisting demolition. Issue No. 2 is about Guijie/簋街, Beijing's famous food street and it's current renovation. Each following issue will document a different site, explaining its current changes and their context.

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